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.... Ostuni, "the White Town", in the heart of the Itria Valley, has been for years the favourite destination of international tourist fascinated from the colours and the special atmospheres of its natural surroundings whose ingredients are the yellow sun, the blue sea, the green of the olive-trees, the white lime. A drunk cocktail for unforgettable holidays, to be taste with light sips during the different moments of the day.

In the morning: it's the ideal moment for a dive in the Adriatic, turquoise crystalline sea or to bask in the sun, on the ivory and golden beaches surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis sliding among bays and reefs

In the afternoon. You can have relaxant walks in the countryside, on the red earth under the shade of green olive-trees of the Itria Valley, among ancient farms, the "trulli" in bunches, surrounded by their dry walls.

In the evening. At sunset, it's the best moment for a walk in town.
Going up to Piazza della Libertà, with the baroque spire of St Oronzo, among alleys, steps, littles squares you can make out the fifteenth-century cathedral, the Seminary and the Episcopal building and the austeres places..

and then…….in the night. discotheques, pubs, typical restaurants for those who enjoy the night

not to be forgotten: St Oronzo cavalcade on August, 26




Apulia is a land which fascinates for the emotions that it is able to give to one's heart.
The warm colours of its marvellous landscapes are mixed in a particular contrast of rural and sea life.

The town centers are spread around the ancient historical ones which are made of Castles, baroque churches, white houses crossed by narrow paths.

And then the countryside, the silent guard which defends its treasures like a case: fortified farms, "lamie", "Trulli", rural chapels, "specchie", dry walls all around, secular olive-trees, vineyards and Indian figs.

Here the luxuriant and generous nature is nourished by the sun in winter, too, and the green hills follow one another down to the blue of an unpolluted sea.

Lower down the tourist can admire deep caves, countless passages crossing through a world to be explored.

As for the local cousine, tradition combines the natural tastes of the land with the sea ones and the small of the extra-virgin oil fills the home-made bread, the vegetables, the fresh fish and enhances
the tomato sauce flavour, delicious dressing for the typical Apulian pasta called " Orecchiette".

But Apulia must be discovered and lived to feel its people warmth, to be stunned by its landscapes, fascinated by its rural architecture, to enjoy the charm of a land where nature has created its masterpiece.

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